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We love cats
and dogs.


Dog and Cat Coat Care

Coat care for dogs can be overwhelming!

There are so many options! But it is so simple to choose! Do you need dog coat care products?  Do you need cat coat care products? You will find everything you need right here! Dog coat care products need to be gentle, yet hardworking.....K9 products are both of those things!When it comes to coat care for dogs, one thing is want it to be safe!You also want it to be effective, yet gentle.  With our limited ingredient formulas, all of these are true!Sun protection for your pets....YES their sensitive noses need sun protection just like we do! We have an amazing sunscreen for dogs, and any pet for that matter!  You can even use it yourself!Our dog coat care products are easy to use!  Simply dilute a small amount into warm water, and you are ready to go.  This is primarily because there are not harsh preservatives in our dog shampoos, also because you don't want to waste any product.  Just make up what you will use for each bath, each time.....easy!  You can adjust our dog coat care products to suit your needs......extra dirty, a little extra shampoo! Extra dry, a little extra conditioner! When it comes to coat care for dogs and cats.....we have it covered!And, as always, if you have any questions at all.....give us a call!


Because we REALLY want you to be using our products!


 Made in Sweden of the best natural ingredients available in the world!


K9 coat care products will change how you think about grooming! 
NOT all shampoos are good for coat and skin.  NOT all shampoos are gentle on your hands.  NOT all shampoos are the best... but K9 products ARE! 
Are you a professional groomer? We offer discounts for the professionals!  Because, let's face it, we work hard!  Ask about the professional groomer code to use at checkout, you will receive a 30% discount!

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