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Have you seen light colored dogs with red stained feet?  Does your dog chew their feet and cause this discoloration?  It could be yeast!  Sometimes a change in diet will help, make sure there is not an excessive amount of corn in their food, check the ingredients on the food.  Corn turns to sugar, yeast loves sugar, yeast will live there happily.

The Paw Solution helps in many ways, yeast is a BIG way!

Yeast can be an issue on several areas of a pet.  Symptoms can be red discoloration on light colored dogs, pets chewing their feet, or scratching areas until they are very irritated.


Paw Solution is one of the NEWEST products at K9 Coat Care.  Paw Solution will get rid of  YEAST, fungus, ringworm, bacteria and other viruses on paws, skin folds, noses, ETC!


Simple to use,  just spray the affected areas twice a day until the problem is cleared. 


And always check with your veterinarian if a problem persists or worsens.




K9 Paw Solution

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