Intensive Aloe Vera Coat Cure.  This powerful Vitamin/Protein/Keratin Complex increases the level of moisture, repair and control that damaged and dry coats need.


Great for poodle top knots...helps keeps matting away!  Reduces static electricity, which causes matting!


  • With K9 Intensive Coat Cure you will get a sleek, easy maintained and transformed coat with luscious shine.
  • Super-rich, deep conditioning mask intensely moisturizes while helping control and repair extremely dense and dry coat.
  • Instantly detangles and improves comb-ability so the coat resist breakage. Provides Aloe Vera, B5 Vitamin, wheat protein and Keratin for a smoothing control and internal strength.
  • Coat texture is transformed with increased manageability, shine and color.
  • Can be used on a regular basis or weekly as an intensive treatment.
  • Ready to use!

K9 Intensive Coat Cure PRO