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Do you want to try an amazing aloe vera dog shampoo?

Well, this is the exact experience that led me to K9 Competition, and ultimately becoming K9 Coat Care!  This trio is the perfect show dog shampoo!  You can create the show dog shampoo products to suit your breed!

As a groomer, and poodle breeder, I had tried so many dog coat care products.  Some I liked more than others, but I never LOVED a product...until K9 Competition.  The aloe vera shampoo and aloe vera conditioner reduce drying time....and in a groomer's life, that is always searched for!  This is an amazing set of THREE products that work so well together!  You really get to experience the magic of these products this way. 

We can customize with any aloe vera dog shampoo, aloe vera dog conditioner and any spray.  In the aloe vera line there are several amazing dog shampoos to consider! 

Just message me exactly what you would like :) And as always, if you have any questions at all just call!  I am this company, I am always available to answer questions!


K9 Aloe Vera Trio

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