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This is actually a conditioner specifically for black coated dogs.

It gives outstanding shine, volume and optimizes the moisture balance. It has antistatic and outstanding detangling properties, timesaving with long lasting effect and makes coats dry quickly. Nourishes coat and skin on all types of animals.

Can be diluted 40:1   All of our products are safe for the environment and humans as well! Contains no harmful silicone.

The color specific products contain NO dyes or harmful chemicals!! 


INCI: aqua, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine lactate,aloe barbadensis leaf extract, wheat germanidopropyl lactate, cetrimonium chloride, panthenol, hydrolyzed wheat protein,fragrance, color & preservative.


300ml/ 2.7l/ 5.7l


K9 Blackness Conditioner

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