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Why do some coats shine and others don't?

Well, some are just genetically shiny.  They are born with it.  Others would love a little help to shine!  This Silk Shine will do just that!  At the end of the grooming process, just place a few drops of the Silk Shine into the palm of your hand, rub palms together and massage it into the coat.  Your dog or cat will love you for this part :) 


The K9 Coat Care Silk Shine will add amazing shine to any coat.  Silk Shine will reduce static electricity, which will also reduce tangles and matting.  Most matting is caused by "movement", so this explains why most matting is behind the ears, on the tails, on the legs and in the armpits! Static electricity creates movement.....this Silk Shine, when used routinely, will help prevent matting!

My favorite way to use the versatile K9 Coat Care Silk Shine is to add a few drops to the bottle of Nano Mist or DMatter sprays to create an amazing combination of 2 great products.  As a groomer, I am always looking for ways to help the pet as well as make my life better!

If you are looking for shine on a finished coat, the K9 Coat Care Silk Shine is your BEST choice! 

The Silk Shine comes in 2 sizes, the smallest being 30ml, and the larger one is 100ml.  A very small amount is all you need, so either size will last you for quite a while!


Shine on!


All of our products are safe for your PETS, they are also safe for the environment and humans as well!  The K9 Competition Silk Shine contains no harmful silicone!!

K9 SILK SHINE large 100ml

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