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Aloe Vera shampoo and conditioner

The K9 Aloe Vera dog shampoo line contains some of the most amazing products of all! Aloe Vera is calming to the skin, so even the most sensitive pets will love how this works on them!  It is gentle to your skin as well, so groomerswho use dog shampoo and conditioners all day long want something that is gentle but works as hard as they do! 


We have a horse aloe vera shampoo and conditioner line as well! 

It is the same limited ingredient, safe, gentle and effective aloe vera shampoo product that is also in our dog shampoo aloe vera line. 

There is one variety that is special for horses, but can also be used on dogs as well.  The Lavender horse shampoo contains the calming lavender oil that helps settle a nervous horse, or dog!  As a dog groomer myself, sometimes I am faced with a dog who is not crazy about the grooming process.  I use the lavender shampoo to calm everyone, including me :)
The color specific K9 aloe vera dog shampoo is just that.....for your specific colors! 
Do you have an Irish Setter, Viszla, or chocolate Labrador?  Well choose the Copperness dog shampoo and conditioner and watch that color deepen!  They contain NO dyes, so it is safe for multi colored dogs and horses!  Do you have a black stallion who looks a little dull from the day to day job of being fabulous?  Use the Black Out horse shampoo and horse conditioner and watch the magic!


Use the aloe vera shampoo and conditioner on both horses and dogs

The Sterling K9 aloe vera dog shampoo and horse shampoo safely create the cleanest and whitest coats possible! Use it on ANY dog or horse that has white anywhere on the coat, safe to use on the darker colors because it contains NO bleach or harmful chemicals...ever!

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