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In the '70s, a family business in Sweden began developing skin and hair care products for hairdressing salons and also for people with psoriasis and other skin problems. The family had Afghan and Setter dogs as well as Persian cats with extremely demanding coats. With their experience from manufacturing hair and skin care products for people with skin and hair problems, they began to produce fur grooming products for their own pets.  The result was outstandingly lightly brushed and healthy coats without a hint of itching. 

In the '90s, the coat care product development was complete and since then our dog fur care and horse coat care products have been in high demand in Europe. In 2007, the company launched the "Top Of The Line" product range K9 Competition, which has taken fur care to a whole new level worldwide. Exhibitors, handlers, breeders and professional groomers have become major users of the K9 Competition product line. Dogs and cats all over the world are groomed in K9 and showing beautifully at WDS and other exhibitions.


In 2011, our product line again expanded to include quality coat care products for horses. Today, many elite stables and riders across the world use K9 HORSE because they understand the importance of good skin, fur care, and appearance.


In 2019, we expanded our office to the US for improved sales and distribution.  


We continue to develop new quality products for us and our animal welfare.  We only use the best quality ingredients in the K9 series. The active substances are 100% Aloe Vera, B5 Vitamin, Keratin and Silk Protein as well as natural ingredients. 


Please contact us to learn more about our products.



CEO Christer Johansson and US distributor Linda Smith


As a professional groomer, I was always looking for the best fur care products to use.  My customers and their owners deserved the best coat care I could find.  I tried so many products over the years, but nothing really "continuously impressed" me.  

I had a friend come to the U.S. from England to help me groom one of my show standard poodles.  She brought with her the K9 Competition Aloe Vera Shampoo, Aloe Vera Conditioner and the Nano Mist spray.  From the instant I felt the shampoo on my own hands, I knew it was different from anything I had tried before!  The shampoo is super concentrated so it took very little product to get her clean, and it rinsed out beautifully!  The K9 conditioner is even more concentrated, so it took even less!  Next came the moment that changed everything...when I towel dried her, she was almost dry!  In a groomer's life, the drying process is the most time consuming, and probably the most stressful for the dog.  This product literally cut the drying time in half - on a standard poodle, in show coat!  


At that time, the K9 Competition products were not available in the USA, so I contacted the company headquarters and the closest distribution center was Canada.


Coming from Canada, the shipping cost more than the shampoo itself!  But the K9 grooming products were so good that I insisted on ordering it for grooming my show dogs.  After about four orders from Canada, I was in love with these products so much that I decided to become a US distributor so that the best grooming care could be readily available in this country. 

Since that time in 2012, there have been many shipments from Sweden, many dog shows and many grooming shows as a vendor. I have been to Sweden and seen the company firsthand, watching the products being made, and it was an amazing experience!  The K9 team members are my family now!

I am not a salesperson, but I BELIEVE in this product.  I have never had a dog experience any sort of negative reaction to these fur care products. There is something perfect for every dog that comes to my grooming tub :) 


I am so very proud to be able to share these products!  I am always available to answer questions about the grooming line as well as advise you as to which will best fit your needs.


We distribute to vendors, shops and grooming salons all over the US. Contact us today if you are interested in becoming a reseller of K9 products.

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