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Dog shampoo, dog conditioners, dog coat care products!

How do you know which dog shampoo to use? 

How do you choose a dog conditioner to go with that dog shampoo?

The description below each product should help you choose a dog shampoo, there are several.  Then you can choose the dog conditioner from that particular line, aloe shampoo/aloe conditioner....keratin shampoo/keratin conditioner.  It is never a problem to use a different conditioner, they will all deliver amazing results!  It is up to you :)You want to use a dog conditioner that moisturizes, but doesn't leave the coat feeling greasy.  If possible, you want to use a dog conditioner that you can dilute to the strength you need it.  The dog show competitors choose the best products available to them, so many have chosen K9 Competition.  The show poodles love the Crisp Texture shampoo, it gives volume and texture to the coats when grooming, and dog show products used on the grooming table, show in the ring!  The versatility of the K9 Competition products will amaze you! 

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