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This is where you will find the highest quality horse grooming products available in the USA!  From horse shampoo, to horse conditioner, to hoof care...insect repellent spray....sunscreen....even wound care!  The quality of the ingredients is what makes it the best!  The research and continued use by professional riders proves it!
For example, if you need just a quick conditioning for the mane and tail....Hydra Balm leave in conditioning spray is your choice!
If you want your horse to be the whitest it can be....choose the Sterling shampoo, Sterling conditioner, and the White Magic leave in spray!  Whitening shampoo for horses has never been this safe and easy!
The Wound Aid is something created to quickly heal those tiny cuts and scrapes on legs to avoid irritation and especially infection!  BUT, it was quickly found to be an amazing healing cream for just about ANY cut, scrape and even burns.....on anyone!  I have personally used this on myself to heal minor burns for a pizza oven mishap, and on my grandchildren's countless scrapes and scratches!  There is magic in this container, you really should just have one on hand....I promise you will need it!
Hoof care.....The Hoof Balm contains an oil found only in the kunzea bushes of is a natural insect repellent.  The Hoof Balm does not contain petroleum products, as these are harmful to the hoof over time. 


 Made in Sweden of the best natural ingredients available in the world!


Because we REALLY want you to be using our products!


K9 COMPETITION HORSE sets a totally new, higher standard in coat care for all breeds of horses. 


It is time-saving, quick drying and a supreme detangler with long-lasting effect.


K9 products are easy to use and you'll get immediate, stunning results every time. For daily use and shows!

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