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Hydra Balm

Does your horse feel dry to you?  Well imagine how it feels to your house, we can help!

The Hydra line is all about moisture!  If you choose a product from this line, you will know you are getting the most moisturizing effect possible!  Maintaining the moisture is important for healthy skin.  The Hydra Balm Leave In conditioner is perfect for spraying on between washings when you want to moisturize.  Perfect for mane and tail moisturizing too, in all types of climates!

The Hydra Balm will not leave residue that will attract dust and dirt, actually the opposite!  Dirt and dust wipe/brush/or just fall off!

Package of the hydra product

Hydra Balm comes in a 500ml spray bottle, AND a 3/4 gallon bottle for refills! 

In the Hydra line is an amazing product just for the hoof!  Hydra Hoof Balm, an easy to use brush on lotion for the hoof and coronary band.  Contains NO petroleum products!  Petroleum based products will actually harm the hoof by making it hard, resulting in cracks. 

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