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Which is my favorite dog coat care product?

I would have to say the K9 Aloe Vera shampoo for dogs. 

It was the first K9 Competition product I was introduced to, and I was very impressed!  The K9 Dog Shampoo has limited ingredients.  The quality of the K9 Dog Shampoo ingredients, subtle smell, and even the feel on my own hands had me sold!

The way it make the dogs dry faster had to be explained to me.....

The K9 Dog Shampoos are designed to open the cuticles on each hair so the dirt, oil and debris can be released.  The conditioner is designed to CLOSE those cuticles to retain moisture.  Most conditioners on the market do not completely close the cuticles.....K9 Competition Aloe Vera Conditioner does!!  So when used together, the results are perfect!  Less water remains in the coat at the beginning of the drying process, therefore....less drying time!

By closing the cuticle completely, the coat stays cleaner longer, and reduces tangles and mats.

The luscious K9 aloe vera shampoo and conditioer for dogs is an all around shampoo, great for all colors and coat types!

 It has a calming effect on sensitive skin and does not cause skin irritation.

It adds nourishment, perfect moisture balance, and optimized coat quality.

It is a detangling dog shampoo, timesaving and makes coats dry quickly!

Suitable for all ages of pets, coats, breeds and puppies and is equally suited for competition and daily use! 

 Can be diluted up to 20:1 So it is VERY economical to use!  A little goes a long way!


K9 Aloe Vera Shampoo

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