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How do you get a white horse really white?   How do you KEEP the horse white?  Whitening Shampoo for horses, and whitening conditioner for horses....the BEST whitening shampoo and conditioner for your horse.  The Sterling Silver line is the shampoo and conditioner for your horse that will bring out the beauty of white coat, grey coat, and every other color.  But especially the white horse.


Our  NEW super whitening Sterling Silver whitening shampoo will work hard gently!  This whitening horse shampoo is safe and gentle, and can be used on multicolored horses without altering the darker colors. 


As with all our products, the Sterling Silver whitening horse shampoo is safe for all breeds, ages and coat types. 


If you want a white horse, this Sterling Silver whitening horse shampoo will help you get it....and keep it!


Dilutes 18:1 which makes it econimical to use. 


Our favorite way to bathe is to add shampoo to a bucket of warm water, wet the horse, apply the shampoo mixture with a sponge and let the magic begin!  The Sterling Silver whitening shampoo has a whitening conditioner that works even more magic by moisturizing the coat and skin as well!


INCI: aqua, laurylsulfate, mg-laurylsulfate, d-panthenol, glycerin, propyleneglycol, hydrolysed keratin, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, peg-4 rapseedamide, optic brightner, cyclomethicone, potassium sorbate, perfume.


300 ml  / 10.14 oz
2,7 l  / 0,71 gal

Sterling Silver Whitening HORSE shampoo

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