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Are you a professional groomer?  Do you need show dog shampoo?  Do you need a brushing or finishing spray?  What about horse grooming products?
We have everything you need right here!
Whether you need dandruff shampoo for dogs, sunscreen for dogs or sunscreen for horses, leave in conditioning sprays.....browse our products!  I am sure you will find everything you need, and even some things you didn't know you needed!  Our Hydra Balm for example, is a luscious, easy to use, leave in spray for your horses!  Need extra conditioning for those manes and tails?  Our Mane & Tail Cure is a deep conditioning treatment, try this! 
Are you looking for a gentle, all around shampoo and conditioner for pets with sensitive skin, our aloe vera line is perfect!  It is gentle, yet hardworking and perfect for pets of all ages, coat types, and skin types!
Maybe you need something just to make your horse shiny before a competition?  We have the Mirra Shine spray that will make your horse safely shine! 
Something you may not have thought of is sunscreen for your horses can be a problem anywhere in the country, in every weather!  Sunscreen is safe for your dogs nose as well!
So, to make a long story longer :).....K9 dog products, coat care for dogs, coat care for horses, can find it here!  As always, please call if you have any questions!

Flat rate shipping $12 
FREE shipping on orders over $250

Because we REALLY want you to be using our products!
Contiguous states only 


 Made in Sweden of the best natural ingredients available in the world!


K9 Coat Care products will change how you think about grooming! 
NOT all shampoos are good for coat and skin.  NOT all shampoos are gentle on your hands.  NOT all shampoos are the best... but K9 products ARE!

We distribute to vendors, shops and grooming salons all over the US. Contact us if you're interested in becoming a reseller of K9 products.

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