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Would you love an amazing dog shampoo, dog conditioner, and a super easy to use leave in spray conditioner SET??  It really is the easiest way to experience the benefits of these dog coat care products!

This is a 3 product set with Keratin dog shampoo, conditioner and leave in spray.   The Keratin dog shampoo is super concentrated, dilute into warm water before each use.  Only dilute what you will use at that grooming.  The Keratin dog conditioner is SUPER concentrated!  The Keratin line is perfect for all breeds and coat types.

Super moisturizing, strengthens coat, prevents breakage and is great for shedding dogs too!  Whether you are growing out your dog for a show, or you just want an amazing dog shampoo, this combination is perfect!

The K9 Coat Care products contain very little preservative chemicals, so always just make up what you need for 1 grooming.

The sprays are ALL ready to use as they are packaged, so no need to dilute them.

This Keratin dog shampoo trio contains a 300ml shampoo, 300ml conditioner and a 250ml spray.

K9 Keratin TRIO Bundle

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