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EVERY horse could benefit from the Hydra Balm!  Horses are exposed to all the enviromental elements.  Sun and wind are both very drying and the coat is always vunerable!  They Hydra line is our most moisturizing line of horse grooming products.  Hydra moisturizing horse shampoo and conditioner is our best! 

I have a few horse tails that I groom in the Hydra line.  I take these tails to shows with me and have them in my booth for customers to actually FEEL the difference.  I love watching their faces!  They will usually say "is this real?"  or "I wish my horse felt like that".....well YES, they are real....and YES, your horse can feel like that.  And imagine how good your horse will feel!

This is a TRIO of products.   The Hydra Shampoo, the Hydra Conditioner and the Hydra Balm.  A combination of the horse shampoo, horse conditioner and leave in conditioning spray!  The Hydra line is all about moisture!  Long lasting results! 


Honestly, this is the best way to try the products.  You will see first hand how they work together, and the results are amazing!

Hydra Keratin+ HORSE Bundle

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