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Which is the best shampoo for horses? What about horse conditioner? Are you curious about our products and just can't decide?  This is the best way to try them!

You may choose your perfect 300ml horse shampoo, 300ml conditioner, and a 500ml spray to create something especially for your horse! Please specify your choice of shampoo, horse conditioner and spray.....we have several awesome choices!   And if I could suggest the best one to start with, the Hydra Balm horse shampoo, horse conditioner and horse spray!  This amazing Trio includes this Hydra Balm Spray also! The hydra balm spray is SO versatile!  Hydra Balm is just what it sounds like Hydra, moisture...Balm, soothing!  Try the Hydra Balm Trio of products first :)

Also, please feel free to phone in orders any time!  This gives us the perfect opportunity to answer questions and get feedback from you! 


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